1. Hydraulic equipment
    CAVENAGHI & RIDOLFI has developed hydraulic drive systems based on logic element technology with servo proportioning controls, which ensure dependable operation while satisfying stringent performance requirements. Ergonomic design of hydraulic blocks minimizes connecting lines and increases efficiency.

  2. Control electronics - C&R NUMERIC
    CAVENAGHI & RIDOLFI has developed reliable control systems for its presses and equipment.
    The system based on standard hardware components is available at different levels of sophistication, and was created to provide the operator with an effective tool which makes it easy to program the machine's operating and production parameters through self-learning functions. In addition, a resident or floppy disc die archive can be created. Particular attention was devoted to control of characteristic drawing parameters, where blankholder reaction curves and drawing speed curves can be plotted. Full diagnostics software assists maintenance personnel in troubleshooting. C&R NUMERIC is an open, network-connectable system. We are prepared to develop software for special applications.
    All units can be equipped for our “Teleservice” remote service program which ensures fast fault diagnosis and targeted repair to reduce downtime to the minimum.

  3. Processing
    We are equipped to carry out all essential machining operations in-house.
    Such operations include machining electrically welded structures, machining valve blocks, and processing pistons and cylinders. For the latter, our honing machine can handle cylinders with a 1,100 mm bore and 3,500 mm stroke. Using highly qualified outside contractors enables us to increase our production capacity as needed. All work pieces undergo rigorous dimensional inspection before they are released to the assembly shop.

  4. Special presses and machinery
    Over the years, CAVENAGHI & RIDOLFI has specialized in designing and manufacturing presses and production systems to customer specifications or in collaboration with the customer. Examples include:
    • 12,000 to 20,000 kN presses using “Presshardening” technology to produce side intrusion beams    and bumpers for the automotive industry.
    • 8,000 kN horizontal presses for producing continuous casting molds for steels and alloys.
    • Hot forging presses for oil drill coupling sleeves.
    • Closed-loop control hot cogging presses for automotive components.
    • Presses and necking machines for fire extinguisher production.
    • Pressure multipliers and hydroforming equipment rated up to 6,000 bar.
    • Pressing lines for NGV cylinders.

  5. Monolithic and composite structure straightside presses
    CAVENAGHI & RIDOLFI straight side presses are usually produced in a force range of 1,200 to 30,000 kN. These presses are distinguished by their extreme structural rigidity and precise eight-point ram guide system with adjustable gibs. The choice between monolithic and composite versions is largely dictated by dimensional considerations, as monolithic units over a certain size cannot be economically shipped. Fully soundproofed hydraulic equipment can be installed on the top of the press or in the bed, according to customer requirements. Electrical control equipment is enclosed in a standard cabinet and generally installed separate from the press body. These presses can be equipped with top die cushions, bottom die cushions, or a combination of both.

  6. Coining presses
    CAVENAGHI & RIDOLFI straight side coining and die forging presses with elastomers are usually produced in a force range of 5,000 to 20,000 kN. These presses are ideal for forming precious metals, and can be equipped with top or bottom die cushions.

  7. Presses for reinforced and non-reinforced plastics
    For automotive interior panel production, CAVENAGHI & RIDOLFI manufactures forming presses for thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic panels, specializing in the LIGNOTOK® and Woodstock® technologies.
    These presses are normally single-acting units with capacities ranging from 1,500 to 6,000 kN and table dimensions between 2,000 x 1,500 and 3,000 x 2,000 mm.

  8. Multiple presses
    With its Multipresses, CAVENAGHI & RIDOLFI has developed a new system which reduces the floor space needed for production lines and holds work pieces at the correct temperature during processing. Multipresses consist of independent stamping and blankholder units in a single load-bearing structure. This enables the user to set up production units dedicated to the specific manufacturing process, while the fact that stations can be included as needed gives enormous flexibility. Multipresses are designed to receive lubricating units and automated infeed/outfeed devices selected according to production type. In addition, Multipresses can be equipped with trimming and flanging units and with automated die change and locking systems.

  9. Automated production lines
    Over the years, CAVENAGHI & RIDOLFI has built up the experience needed for successful design and manufacture of sheet metal forming lines featuring various levels of automation. This has been possible thanks to the synergies afforded by a pool of companies hand-picked by CAVENAGHI & RIDOLFI, each of which is a leader in its own area of specialization.

  10. Automation
    CAVENAGHI & RIDOLFI has developed automated press load, unload and transfer systems for special applications. For more conventional applications, we prefer to rely on tried and tested solutions provided by automation specialists in the field concerned.
    In such cases, we provide full service for the interface with the customer's automation system.

  11. Quick die change systems
    CAVENAGHI & RIDOLFI produces manual, semi-automated and automated quick die change systems. We manufacture automated die locking systems for special applications in-house, relying on outside specialists for conventional applications.